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Our translation services include practically all source and target languages, and all possible specialisations: general translation, scientific/technical, literary, legal, medical, economics/finance, construction and insurance, to mention just a few. We can meet your company's needs, no matter how complicated they may seem, with a rapid professional service, provided by an exceptional team of native-speaker translators with in-depth knowledge of the specific terminology of each branch and many years' experience in the sector.

In the case of large volume translations or source texts with numerous repetitoins, we are able to offer advice and assess the suitability of using translation memories (Trados). This type of software is often used indiscriminately in pursuit of "modernity", overlooking the fact that it is only really useful or appropriate in those cases where uniformity of language and consistent terminology are more important than a fresh and natural text.

Punto y Coma can also offer its customers an urgent translation service, with same-day deliveries, with no impact on translation quality, as all our translations are carefully checked over before being sent to the customer.