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Transcription and Editing

Punto y Coma offers a transcription service providing the content of audiovisual material in text format and on computer media (.doc or .txt). If necessary, we can also translate the transcribed content.

Once transcribed this material may be of vital importance for your company's commercial targets and may, at the same time, be used as the basis for generating new documentation of considerable value in future commercial projects.

Our editing services will enable you to obtain high quality documentation regardless of the quality of the language in the original material. Firms and official bodies have have huge quantities of information produced internally or informally (not originally intended for publication or dissemination) and, once its syntax and spelling has been corrected, this can be turned into a valuable resource. Our team of linguists can make your advertising material, letters of introduction, thesis or transcriptions of speeches, clear and fluid to read, while transmitting the impression of professionalism you want to achieve.

It is difficult to assess the complexity of an editing and correcting job in advance without seeing the text concerned. Please contact us so we can analyse your needs in detail and so we can offer you a quote that, as you will see for yourself, matches your needs.